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The New England Journal Of Medicine:
Medicaid And Insuring The Poor — Where Are We Heading?
As the principal source of health insurance for the poor, the dominant payer for long-term services and supports, the most important source of health care financing during public health crises, and the largest source of funding for the health care safety net, Medicaid occupies a central place in U.S. health policy. Medicaid will inevitably continue to evolve as the population ages, population health needs change, poverty persists, and rates of coverage by employer-sponsored insurance continue to decline, especially among workers at smaller, low-wage firms. (Sara Rosenbaum, 10/13)

RealClear Health:
Solution To Healthcare Crisis Can Only Be Found In The States
Last week, Bill Clinton called the Affordable Care Act, “the craziest thing in the world” as it is creating expensive, unaffordable health care for …
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