New Hampshire’s next governor will have a say in whether the state continues its Medicaid expansion program, which covers nearly 50,000 low-income residents and is set to expire in 2018.

Executive Councilor Colin Van Ostern pledges to support the program, and touts his background on the subject as proof.

“As a member of the Executive Council, I cast the deciding vote to extend Medicaid coverage to 50,000 people,” Van Ostern wrote in a mailer sent to voters recently, a point he has repeated on the campaign trail.

“I cast the deciding vote extending Medicaid health care coverage to 50,000 of our fellow citizens,” Van Ostern said in a WMUR debate the week before the primary.

Was Van Ostern the program’s savior? We decided to take a look.

New Hampshire’s Legislature approved a bill in 2014 to expand Medicaid for roughly two years to cover low-income adults making less than 138 percent of the …
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Was Colin Van Ostern the deciding vote for Medicaid expansion in NH? – PolitiFact