Danner Kline 

By Danner Kline, a candidate for Congress in Alabama’s 6th District and founder of Free the Hops, the grassroots advocacy group that successfully lobbied to reform Alabama beer laws. 

Earlier this week, the Trump administration presented an astonishing budget proposal to the American people.

It would take dozens of pages to summarize the entire proposal so, instead, I’ll focus on the item that immediately knocked the wind out of me.

Rather than expand affordable healthcare coverage, the Trump administration is recommending a devastating $800 billion cut to Medicaid. That’s right, our most vulnerable citizens might be on the verge of a policy shift that could result in life-threatening coverage shortages. It could be catastrophic for millions of people across our country.

In Alabama, we’ve faced real challenges with Medicaid in recent years. Former Governor Robert Bentley refused to expand coverage – allowing our state’s coverage gap to persist – and our state legislature barely closed a state funding shortfall that could’ve sparked devastating consequences.

Thankfully, citizens across the state stepped up with campaigns like #IAmMedicaid and pushed their legislators to find a solution.

It’s time to step up again.

Trump made many larger-than-life promises on his campaign trail. Whether you are a die-hard Trump supporter or a moderate who has struggled to understand his vision, I have to ask all Trump voters the following question: do you remember him promising to cut billions from Medicaid? I don’t. In fact, I remember the opposite.

Unfortunately, many members of Congress – including representatives from Alabama – may support this budget proposal in the name of “party unity.” Many will be afraid to step up and protect Americans from this deep cut. If you need proof, just look at the American Health Care Act (AHCA). So, it’s up to us to send people to Washington D.C. who will fight back.

I want to be one of those fighters.

Before publicly announcing my candidacy for the House of Representatives, I did not get much sleep. I spent time researching and planning. I spent time discussing the decision with my family, friends and people who are active in Alabama politics.

I spent countless hours thinking about why I want to run for office. To be honest, if you are a candidate and you don’t know why you’re running, it’s a real sign that you should not.

I take this campaign seriously. It is not a stunt. I am running for Congress because I want to protect the people of Alabama – especially the 6th district – from devastating proposals. Proposals like making deep cuts to Medicaid. I’m going to work hard to earn that opportunity.

Here’s the reality: people’s lives are at stake. That’s a fact. If the AHCA becomes law and the proposed cuts to Medicaid are adopted, we will see people die from a lack of access to health care. There’s no other way to put it.

We deserve better from our elected leaders. We deserve fighters who look beyond party, and who work to represent the people who voted for them. I’m ready to fight – are you?

Learn more at www.votedannerkline.com.

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Without fighters in Washington, Medicaid cuts could be on the horizon