Downtown Boise Association’s Alive After Five reawakened Wednesday night, and a combination of perfect summer weather, the promising splash of a water fountain and the sound of Boise-based band LED attracted hundreds to Grove plaza. This is the 32nd year the DBA has sponsored the Wednesday evening summer concert series, which will stretch through Wednesday, August 29, for its 2018 run. 

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  • Harrison Berry

Ryan Peck, co-founder of Boise Rock School, was the inaugural AA5 opening act Wednesday evening and LED continued to energize the audience, which grew in size for the better part of three hours.

Boise Weekly has long been a regular fixture of AA5, and during this summer’s events we’ll be taking informal polls of attendees.  On Wednesday, we asked dozens of people to weigh in on the growing debate over whether Medicaid should be expanded in Idaho. Proponents say they believe they now have enough signatures to put the issue of Medicaid expansion on this November’s ballot. We only asked people’s first names, cities of residence and professions.

A resounding 81 percent of respondents told us they support Medicaid expansion in Idaho and would probably vote in favor of the initiative if it appears on the November ballot.

Randy of Boise told us, “Like the old song from Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young goes, ‘It should have been done long ago.'”

We also spoke to two physicians, two lab technicians and a caregiver who all agreed that Medicaid expansion was overdue.

On a much lighter note, we also asked attendees how much vacation time they plan to take this summer. The average came out to 12 days off from work. 

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Alive After Five, June 6: BW Polls Attendees on Medicaid, Summer Vacations