The Republican presidential nominee says he supports expanding Medicaid to cover more low-income people, access to over-the-counter birth control and permanently prohibiting federal funds from being used for abortion. He also names a new head to his anti-abortion coalition. Meanwhile, on the trail, Trump and Hillary Clinton trade health barbs. And KHN examines five reasons why drug pricing has emerged as a 2016 campaign issue.

Trump Says He’d Use Medicaid To Expand Insurance Coverage
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said that as president he would use Medicaid to cover poor people who can’t afford private health insurance, and make birth control available without a prescription. The comments appeared to differ both with what some Republicans have proposed in the past, and — in the case of Medicaid — aspects of Trump’s own policy proposals on his website. Republicans generally opposed the expansion of Medicaid to higher income …
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Donald Trump Takes Positions On Medicaid Expansion, Birth Control And Abortion