Dear Amy: Help! Soon, my wife and I will be spending our annual week at the beach with our daughter (single mom) and her 8-year-old son. Also present will be our son, his wife, and their two daughters.

My grandson’s social behavior (mostly when he’s with his mom) is, in my opinion, atrocious for an 8-year-old. At the table he pouts, plays with his food, leaves the table, returns, picks food from his mom’s plate, etc.

Often, when out in public, he still throws temper tantrums until his mom bribes and threatens, and finally gives in.

We know there is an issue with no father figure, but this young man is now 8, and the days of bribing, threats and temper tantrums should be over.

Interestingly, when this young man is alone, with me, my son, or both of us, his behavior is exemplary.

In anticipation of bad behavior, my son and I want to confront him, in a gentle way, at the first outburst. Would it be appropriate for us to ask to be excused from the group, go to a private room, and just call this young man out?

Or, should we just do our best to ignore it?

Honestly, if I have to live with this young man and his behavior for a week, this will be the last trip together for us, and we’ve been making this trip for more than 25 years.

— Pappa

Dear Pappa: This boy is not a “young man.” He is a boy. He is a challenging child, for sure, but please remember that he is still a child, in challenging circumstances.