A task force set up by the state’s Chamber of Commerce offers Georgia lawmakers three conservative options to cover the state’s uninsured. About 16 percent of Georgia’s residents are uninsured, one of the highest rates in the nation.

Georgia Health News:
Task Force Unveils Options To Cover Uninsured In Georgia
A widely anticipated plan to reduce the number of Georgians without health coverage, unveiled Wednesday, takes a unique, conservative approach to Medicaid expansion. The plan, created by a health care task force, contains three proposals with differing eligibility standards and designs. The group’s leaders said Wednesday that they hope the options will serve as a kick start for discussion this fall and into next year’s General Assembly session. Included in the blueprint is an array of features that may please many Republican legislators, who are clearly the target of the task force effort. (Miller, 8/31)

WABE (Atlanta Public Radio):
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Georgia Business Group Lays Out Proposals For Medicaid Expansion