Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion Leading To Health Insurance Boom In Some States

States such as California, New Jersey, Kentucky and Arkansas, which have expanded their Medicaid programs, have seen sharp decreases in their uninsured rates. States that didn’t expand Medicaid, such as Texas, Florida and Virginia, did not experience as much of a drop in the number of people without health insurance. … Advocates of expansion say that a decision to not expand can negatively affect the finances of a state’s hospitals, the tax burden born by its residents and the premiums residents pay for private insurance plan coverage. Expansion states have seen a marked reduction in unpaid bills at their hospitals, which in turn reduces the need for hospitals to pass along some of their costs to taxpayers and people with health coverage. (Mangan, 7/20)

Idaho Lawmakers Weigh How To Help Residents Caught In The ‘Medicaid Gap’
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