HRA MICSA Alerts are periodic announcements of policy, staff and office changes published by the Medical Insurance and Community Services Administration (MICSA).  MICSA is the part of New York City’s Human Resource Administration (HRA) that administers HRA’s medically- related programs such as the Medical Assistance Program (MAP). MAP determines which New Yorkers are eligible for Medicaid and Family Health Plus. MICSA also administers the Home Care Services Program (HCSP).  HCSP CASA‘s administer NYC’S home care programs for Medicaid eligible elderly and disabled New Yorkers.

  • Medicaid Eligibility Procedures – include applications, renewals, verification of citizenship/immigration status, etc.
  • Medicaid Home Care
  • Medicaid/CASA Office Relocations Staff


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2016-04-04  HIPAA Release          MAP-751d Authorization for Disclosure of Health Information replaced by   
                                                       OCA Form No. 960 – Authorization for Release of Health Information Pursuant to HIPAA
                                                       Download Alert here.


2015-10-28  Nursing Home Managed Care    Nursing Home Transition into Managed Care:  Forms PDF Training Material  (lists new forms which are attached in PDF including:

  • MAP 259d – Discharge Alert for Non-Chronic Care Budget (Community Budgeting)(10-2015 revised)
  • MAP 259e (Change in Discharge Plan)
  • MAP 259f (Discharge Notice)
  • MAP 259g (Respite care)
  • MAP-259t – Request to Convert Case 
  • MAP-2159 Notification of Change or Correction to File from nursing facility
  • MAP-2150i Notice of Permanent Placement – Medicaid Managed Care
  • MAP2159W Permanent Placement Disenrollment Request
  • MAP-648p  – Submission of Request from RHCF – Residential Health Care Facility
  • NOTE – references PowerPoint which is not attached but posted here)

2015-10-26 Nursing Home Managed Care MICSA/NHED Submission Protocol for Transition of Nursing Home Benefit  into Medicaid Managed Care

2015-08-31   Spend-Down/ Surplus  NYC MICSA Alerts 8/31/15 5/18/15 re Payment of Surplus Bills or Pay-in by Third Parties with accompanying form MAP-3107a Attestation of Use of Recipient Funds to pay Surplus

2015-06-15 Nursing Home       MAP-648 P Nursing Home Medicaid Transmittal

2015-06-03 MA Eligibility-MAGI        Treatment of Income of a Dependent under MAGI-Like Budgeting.  Implements NYS DOH GIS GIS 15 MA/008 – Treatment of Income of Dependents Under MAGI-like Rules  PDF 

2015-06-02  Nursing Home       Policy Change for the Start Date of the Transfer of Assets Look Back Period

2015-03-10  MA Eligibility        Newborn Processing Update

2015-04-03 Nursing Home       Transition of Long Term Nursing Home Benefit into Medicaid Managed Care

2015-03-31 Nursing Home       Nursing Home Eligibility Division Expedited Renewal Protocol

2015-03-10   Transition Exchange to LDSS  Consumers with Medicaid on Exchange Needing Enrollment into MLTC or


2015-03-10 MA Eligibility         Automated Newborn Processing on WMS 

2015-02-20 MA Eligibility         Reinstatement of Suspended Medicaid Coverage for Formerly Incarcerated Individuals

2015-02-03  MA Eligibility        Medicaid Recipients Transferred at Renewal from NYS of Health to Local Dept. of Soc. Services

Procedure for transitioning people from expanded “MAGI” Medicaid generally for people under 65 who do not have Medicare — when they turn 65 or become enrolled in Medicare, they must transfer to Non-MAGI Medicaid, using a stricter income and resource test.   The procedure provides some coverage to fill the gap during the transition.  It implements State DOH 14-LCM-02   PDF  (Dec. 2014) with Attachments to State DOH LCM:

  • Attachment I -Renewal form notice language and Medicaid Renewal Form
  • Attachment II – Statewide Provider IDs (Medicaid managed care plans)
  • Attachment III – Recipient Referral Information – Data Elements

2015-01-26 MLTC                      CASA Fact Sheet

2015-01-05 MA Eligibility          Consumers Transition from NYSOH to WMS update



2013-12-24  MA Eligibility            Important Changes in Medicaid Application Submissions-MAGI Non-MAGI

2013-12-20  MA Eligibility            Substantial Home Equity (Nursing Home and Community-Based LTC)

2013-12-16  MLTC                        Spousal Impoverishment Transfer of Assets for Certain Individuals Enrolled in MLTC

2013-12-13  Transportation         Public Transportation Reimbursement Change

2013-11-13  MLTC                         FAQ – procedures for MLTC plans to enroll members who have a spend-down

2013-10-1    Health Exchange     NYS Health Benefit Exchange Opens October 1, 2013

2013-8-13    MLTC                       Disenrolled Housekeeping Case Consumers (MLTC)

2013-5-6     Office Relocation     PHASE V-Relocation of MICSA 34th Street Offices to Brooklyn

2013-5-1     Office Relocation     SPECIAL TBI NHTD-Relocation fo MICSA 34th Street Office to Brooklyn

2013-4-30   Office Relocation     PHASE IV-Relocation of MICSA 34th Street Offices to Brookyn

2013-4-24   Office Relocation     PHASE II-III-Relocation of MICSA 34th Street Offices to Brooklyn

2013-4-18   LTHHCPLombardi   Mandatory Enrollment of LTHHCP Consumers in Managed Care

2013-4-16   Office Relocation     PHASE I-Relocation of MICSA 34th Street Offices to Brooklyn

2013-4-3    Office Relocation      Relocation of MICSA 34th Street Offices to Brooklyn

2013-3-05   MA Eligibility  Social Security Verification–No Proof of SSA Income Required at Applications or Renewals

2013-2-19   MLTC              Special Income Standard for Housing Expenses for Individuals Discharged from NH to MLTC

2013-2-14   MLTC               MLTC Submissions of Nursing Home Enrollments 

                    MLTC FORM       ** References Form HCSP-3022 known as MLTC Conversion Form (9/26/2013)

2013-1-24   Pooled Trusts Medical Evidence Gathering for Adult Disability Determinations


2012-09-06  Managed Long Term Care Mandatory Enrollment into Managed Long Term Care

2012-07-03  Managed Long Term Care Mandatory Enrollment into Managed Long Term Care

2012-03-27  Managed Care            MAPDR-21  Medicaid Managed Care Exemptions and Exclusions            


2011-12-30 MANUAL MAILING –      Discontinued Manual Mailing of Medicaid Alerts

2011-05-03  RENEWALS –               Expansion of Attestation of Income, Resources, and Residence for  SSI-related (DAB) Renewals

2011-03-16 MEDICAID FAIR HEARINGS Relocation of Fair Hearing and Conference Unit to 111 Livingston St.,Brooklyn


2010-07-02  APPLICATIONS                  Financial Maintenance Requirements for Medicaid and Family Health Plus       

2010-07-01  APPLICATIONS                  Revisions to Health Insurance Application 4220 and Access NY Supplement A

2010-06-30  CITIZENSHIP PROOF         Puerto Rican Birth Certificates

2010-04-26  APPLICATIONS                  Elimination of the Face to Face Interview for Medicaid Family Health Plus applicants

2010-02-26   UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANTS   Temporary Protected Status for Undocumented Haitian Immigrants

2010-01        2010 INCOME LEVELS     Medicaid Income and Resource Levels 2010

2010-01       MEDICARE SAVINGS PROGRAM  Disregard of Income Placed in Pooled Trust when Applying for MSP Program

2010-01        RESOURCE LEVELS         Elimination of Resource Limit for Non-SSI Related Medicaid


2008-11-03 APPLICATIONS                Change of Submission Location for Client Reps

2008-06-10  ELIGIBILITY                       NYC Eliminates Drug and Alcohol Screening

2008-06-10  RESOURCE LEVELS        Resource Level Raised to $13,050

2008-04-08 RECERTIFICATIONS         Mail Renewal 30 Day Grace Period

2008-04-08  APPLICATIONS                MSP Applications Done Now by Mail 

2008-04-08  APPLICATIONS               Elimination of the Resource Test for MSP Program


2006-10-06   RECERTIFICATIONS        Introduction of MAP-909E DAB Mail Renewal Form

2006-04-26   POOLED TRUSTS            Instructions for Submitting Supplemental Needs Trusts 


2005-07-07   POOLED TRUSTS            Disability Determinations for Individuals with a Pooled Trust


2004-06-21   BURIAL ACCOUNTS      Irrevocable Pre-Need Funeral Agreements and Burial Funds

2004-05         POOLED TRUSTS           Supplemental Needs Trusts Excluded from Medicaid Eligibility Budgeting


2001-05-30   NURSING HOMES            Nursing Home Expedited Discharge Program 

MEDICAID HOME CARE – NOTE – not updated since 2012 – see above section

DATE            TOPIC                                     TITLE


  • CDPAP must be accessed through Medicaid managed care plans effective 11/1/12 for those enrolled in these plans (people with Medicaid but not Medicare statewide), or through Managed Long Term Care plans, for people who have Medicaid and Medicare in NYC)

2012-09-06  Managed Long Term Care Mandatory Enrollment into Managed Long Term Care

2012-07-03  Managed Long Term Care Mandatory Enrollment into Managed Long Term Care


2011-05-02  CASA III Relocated            Merger of CASA III with CASA V

2011-03-16  Home Care Fair Hearings Relocation of Fair Hearing and Conference Unit to 111 Livingston St.,Brooklyn


2010-08-25  Applications                      Relocation and New Address of Central Intake Office to Submit M11Q


2009-11-05 APPLICATIONS                    Revised MIIQ for Home Care


2008-04      RECERTIFICATIONS            Mail Renewal 30 Day Grace Period


DATE            TOPIC                                     TITLE

2015-03-26 Office Relocation   Relocation of HRA Division of Accounts Receivable and Billing (DARB)

2015-03-26 Office Relocation   Relocation of HRA Headquarters to 4 World Trade Center



2013-9-18       CASA Field Offices                    CASA Directory



2011-03-16   OFFICE MOVED             Relocation of Fair Hearing and Conference Unit to 111 Livingston St.,Brooklyn


2010-10-14 OFFICE MOVED              Relocation of the CASA VII Office.

2010-10-12 OFFICE MOVED              Relocation of the Long Term Health Care Program Brooklyn Units 

2010-08-25 OFFICE MOVED              Relocation of HCSP, Central Intake and BMPR

2010-04-22 CONTACT LIST              Updated Nursing Home Eligibility Division Telephone and Address Directory

2010-03-16 CONTACT LIST              New Contact Numbers for MAP Dialysis Unit 


2009-09-11 OFFICE MOVED             NYC Health and Human Services has new office at 622 W 168th St Manhattan 

Medicaid Alerts & Other Protocols published by the NYC HRA Medical Insurance and Community Services Administration (MICSA)
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