Officially, the campaign is saying they still need a thousand or so valid signatures to meet the overall numerical requirement by the May 1 deadline. But unofficially they are pretty sure they’ve already reached that. Not that they’re going to stop now, says leader Luke Mayville.

“We are not slowing down,” Mayville said. “We do not just want to meet the signature goal, we want to shatter the goal.”

Mayville said his group wants to make “100-percent sure” that they collect enough valid signatures to qualify Medicaid expansion for the November ballot.

“The health of 62,000 Idahoans is too important to leave anything to chance,” he said.

The massive organizing effort and large group of volunteers that achieved this goal is not going to stop here. Victory in November is definitely in sight, the first obstacle having been demolished.

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Medicaid for Idaho headed for the November ballot