Ohio Republican gubernatorial candidate Mike DeWine responded to attacks from the Ohio Democratic Party on July 23 regarding Medicaid expansion.

In a July 23 release from the Ohio Democratic Party, DeWine was accused of ignoring questions and staying silent on the issue.

Following a roundtable listening session in Lorain at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Lorain County’s Desich Family Campus, DeWine clarified his position on Medicaid.

“We have said that we’re in favor of the Medicaid expansion,” the Ohio Attorney General said. “We’re going to really push for all of Medicaid, more focus on wellness, trying to get in front of some of the medical problems,


“It just seems to make sense and cost effective to do that.”

If elected, DeWine said his administration would institute a work requirement for Medicaid.

“Now that work requirement is not punitive,” DeWine said. “The whole idea is to help someone get a job.

“You know, if they’re recovering or have addiction, we want to get them into an addiction program. If they lack skill sets to get a job, then the work requirement is satisfied by the fact that they’re in school or an apprentice program, any number of things.

“The whole idea is to make Medicaid work better and we think that we can do that.”

In the news release, DeWine was accused of ignoring questions about the statehouse Republican plan for changes to the Medicaid expansion program.

“It’s baffling that Mike DeWine would visit Northeast Ohio without commenting on the Republican plan to undermine a program that provides health coverage to 13,557 Lorain County residents,” Ohio Democratic Party spokesperson Robyn Patterson said. “DeWine has remained silent on the proposed Medicaid expansion enrollment freeze while continuing to campaign with legislative advocates.

“And he refuses to commit to how long he will sustain the program, Ohioans deserve a governor who will fight attacks on their health care, even when it means standing up to their own party.”

The release continued that Ohio Senate President Larry Obhof has plans to pursue a Medicaid expansion enrollment freeze when Gov. John Kasich leaves office.

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