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If President Trump’s budget were to pass as is, Congressman Bennie Thompson says some Mississippians would have trouble feeding their families or getting them medical care.

“Every county I represent, all 26, are medically under served,” said Representative Thompson. “That means we don’t have enough health professionals to go around. Medicaid, It’s not just children but it’s people in nursing homes who really can’t afford the nursing care without Medicaid.”

Mississippi and our neighboring states could also lose out on some promised oil royalties money. Money that comes from the 2006 Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act which was designed to encourage offshore drilling by giving states a cut when Washington leases federal water to energy companies for exploration. Money, leadership says, the four states no longer need since BP has been sending payments from the Oil Spill.

“It looks like you’re trying to penalize people who followed the law, went to court, won in court, (and) proved the damages,” added Congressman Thompson. “Now (you) say well we’re going to take that from you and that’s not who we are as a country.”

The budget, Congressman Thompson says, would also eliminate or greatly reduce 66 federal agencies like the Delta Regional Authority which helps provide money for rural water systems, donates firefighting equipment, and other services to 44 counties in our state.

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President Trump’s proposed budget threatens Medicaid, SNAP, and oil money