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Preventing Chronic Disease:
How Medicaid and Other Public Policies Affect Use of Tobacco Cessation Therapy, United States, 2010–2014
State Medicaid programs can cover tobacco cessation therapies for millions of low-income smokers in the United States, but use of this benefit is low and varies widely by state. … Medicaid policies that require patients to obtain counseling to get medications reduced the use of cessation medications by approximately one-quarter to one-third; states that cover all types of cessation medications increased usage by approximately one-quarter to one-third. Non-Medicaid policies did not have significant effects on use levels. … States could increase efforts to quit by developing more comprehensive coverage and reducing barriers to coverage. (Ku et al., 10/27)

Health Affairs:
Employer-Sponsored Insurance Offers: Largely Stable In 2014 Following ACA Implementation
Affordable Care Act provisions implemented in 2014 could have influenced employers’ decisions to offer …
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