The Greater Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce has adopted official positions on two November ballot questions.

The Chamber supports Constitutional Amendment D to expand Medicaid.

Jennie Doyen, a vice president with the chamber, said expanding health services to working people will improve the overall health of the workforce. The chamber said that supports a healthy economy.

“We believe that expanding medicine Medicaid makes sense economically and that we as a state can afford to do so at this time,” said Doyen.

Doyen said the chamber is opposed to an ordinance to prevent additional meatpacking plants in the city. She said that position has to do with future development.

“A business has followed all the rules that were set forth by the city. They followed all the zoning ordinances and all the regulations that are in place. And so, for us to change the rules, in the middle of the game essentially, creates uncertainty for businesses in the future,” said Doyen.

Doyen said the Sioux Falls chamber evaluates policy questions as they arise.

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Sioux Falls Commerce says ‘yes’ to Medicaid expansion, ‘no’ to excluding meat plants – SDPB Radio