‘Waste, abuse, and fraud.” These are the words politicians say when you ask them what it is they would cut to balance the budget. If they’re really wonky, they might add “duplication.”

I have put the question to dozens of politicians over the years, and have rarely received anything like an honest answer. That’s because the honest answer is unpopular: We have to cut Social Security and Medicare spending modestly and military spending significantly, and we’ll probably have to raise some taxes, too, or at least forgo the tax cuts that politicians of both parties habitually promise.

“Waste, abuse, and fraud,” W.A.F. I call it WAFfling.

We are not going to waffle the deficit away.

But we might waffle away a third of it.

The federal budget deficit in 2015 was $439 billion; that’s down about two-thirds from where it was in 2010. For all those radio …
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