Two Jan. 17 letters about Medicaid work requirements, “Missing the boat on Medicaid,” suggested that it is a good idea to require some Medicaid recipients work or be actively looking for work. Requiring work for eligibility for Medicaid is horrifying. It is a safety net. There may come a time when a person cannot work and but still needs health care sanf health insurance. It is hard enough already to qualify for these programs when you do need them.

At 20, I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. I survived, but I need health care so my doctors can continue to follow me to make sure it doesn’t come back.

When my son was born, he had his own profound health problems because of a random genetic mutation. He needs a dedicated caregiver. Before he was old enough for school, I was the only person who could take care of him. I lost the job I was at for 10 years and my health insurance; fortunately, my son qualified for the Children’s Health Insurance Program. I bought my own insurance, but I eventually couldn’t pay for it and had to go on Medicaid. There would have been no way to take care of him and to work. Even now, I can work only part time because there is no aftercare that can take care of him.

It is incredibly hard for families in positions similar to mine. This war on the poorest and most disabled populations has to stop. We need help to get us out of our situation, not more barriers.

Janis Neville, Gaithersburg

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Work requirements for Medicaid are horrifying