Participants in New Hampshire’s expanded Medicaid program have higher medical costs than other people, but it’s too early to say whether the program should be scrapped, Insurance Department officials said Monday.

Medicaid expansion, made possible through President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul law, subsidizes health care for low-income people. New Hampshire’s version uses federal dollars to put about 43,000 people on private insurance plans and will sunset at the end of next year if not reauthorized by lawmakers.

On Monday, the Insurance Department released a report it commissioned on what it cost insurers to cover claims for program participants last year. On average, health care costs for Medicaid recipients were 39 percent higher than costs for others in the individual market after adjusting for age and other factors, and if the program didn’t exist total claim costs in the individual market would be 14 percent lower.

The department isn’t making any recommendations about the program’s future, however.

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New Hampshire Medicaid expansion population more costly