She depends on a personal attendant, paid for through Medicaid, to live a productive life. A program Stahl says has been threatened to be cut.

“Those wasteful things have to go away so the programs that do work and do allow for services need to be funded,” says Stahl. 

Here’s what we found out: an audit by the State Comptroller’s Office identified more than $12 million in inappropriate Medicaid payments. More than $2 million of that was for patients who were dead. We reported on the same issue way back in January 2015.

Nikki Rudd: “Is it troubling that you continue to see problems with this computer system?”Brian Mason: “It’s certainly concerning.”

Brian Mason is a New York State Assistant Comptroller. The comptroller’s audit found 119 dead people were enrolled into the Medicaid program between April and December of last year. Another 1,077 people died after enrolling and health insurance premiums continued to be …
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NYS Exposed: $2 million Medicaid payments made to dead people — again – News 10NBC